Please pre-register for meets, Its important for the amount of trophies we bring. Also follow us on Instagram 

​@ NGPFpowerlifting​​

Meet Prices have changed, in an effort to get people to register in advance for meets, if you pre-register the normal $70 fee 

stays the same, payable the day of the meet. If you don't and just show up $85. Its not that hard to send an email, make a phone call, text, something. We still have no annual fee, we are still cheaper than other Federations, so just pre-register

Send Us Your Meet Pictures to:

As of September 2019, The NGPF is now under new Ownership, we will continue to finish out the year as planned as much as Possible, However The Bedford Meet scheduled for Sept 21 has been cancelled. We look forward adding new meets in the upcoming year and thank everyone for your support through this transition.  We wish Kevin all the Best in his future endeavors, and he will always be a part of the NGPF Family.

​​Please Make sure when signing address book we can read your writing, we will only mail certificates out one time, we have had several come back.  ATTN : If you want us to come to your gym or church, etc to hold a meet  please contact us. We have gotten a shorter E-mail address as well as going  to the website, you can go to  or  to send me an e-mail.


Due to several bad checks and a fee for every check run thru our account , we will no longer accept Personal checks for pre-entry.   

PRE-ENTRY;  Lifters can pay cash the day of the meet. Pre-entry is just a convenience for those who want to Pre-pay. If you do Pre-enter it is best to send entries at least one week before meet is to be held.

As of 4-14-18 we will no longer mail out awards to people that leave meets early, if you plan to do so please make arrangements for someone one to receive them in your behalf .