​​Please Make sure when signing address book we can read your writing, we will only mail certifs out one time, we have had several come back.  ATTN : If you want us to come to your gym or church, ect to hold a meet  please contact us. We have gotten a shorter E-mail address as well as going  to the website, you can go to  or  to send me an e-mail. 

Due to several bad checks and a fee for every check run thru our account , we will no longer accept Personal checks, Money order and Cashiers check for pre-entry.   

PRE-ENTRY;  Lifters can pay cash the day of the meet. Pre-entry is just a  convenience for those who what to Pre-pay. If you do Pre-enter it is best to send entries at least one week before meet is to be held.

As of 4-14-18 we will no longer mail out awards to people that leave meets early, if you plan to do so please make arrangements for someone one to receive them in your behalf and deliver them to you.


                                                              Janye & Kevin Piper