Pre-Entry  Contest Entry Form

All Entry Forms must be emailed to:

Please put in the subject line -Meet Entry Attn: Jay Marzano

All Money orders , cashiers checks,  payable to:  Jay Marzano    Sorry NO personal checks

We do accept Venmo, and Credit Cards

This form is for all events, just write in the name of the Meet/tournament you are entering and then Check everything that 

pertains to you and the event. Be sure to know what all events are offered at the Tournament before filling out this form and 

only enter events that are offered at each tournament.

Name of Contest: ________________________________________________________Date:_______

Print Full Name: _____________________________________ Age:_______ Date of Birth:____________

Address: ______________________________ City: ____________________ State: _______ Zip: _______

Phone No: _____________________________ Email: ​___________________________________________

Parent or Guardian must sign for you to lift if you are under 18.

Parent or Guardian signature:____________________________________________________

Raw Bench ___ Equipped Bench___ Curl___ Deadlift___  Equipped Deadlift ____ 

You can enter more than one event if you would like, just check the events you want to enter

And send the appropriate fees according to the contest you are entering.

What Divisions are you entering? Youth (8-10)____ Youth (11-12)___ Teenage (13-15)___ Teenage(16-17)____

Teenage(18-19 ) _____ Junior(20-23)_____  Open ___    Sub-masters(35-39)_____

Masters(40-44) ___ Masters(45-49)___Masters(50-54)___Masters(55-59)___Masters(60-64)___Masters(65-69)___

Masters 70/74___ Masters 75/79___ Masters 80/84____ Masters 85/89___  Masters 90/94___        

Men___ , Women______  Police, Fire, Military_______

What Weight Class are you entering? If you don’t make weight, you go to the one you do make.

Wt. Class: 97__105___114___123___132___148___165___181___198___220___242___275___308___Super Heavy___

Entry fees, One event $70.00 Two events $125.00 Three events $150.00 Four events $190.00  Late Entry /Cash Only Day of the meet! Meet Day Sign -up $75.00 per event.
No Checks, You can order Tee Shirts in advance 

Tee Shirt ____  Size _____